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Welcome to
Zahir Nader Ansari Ltd

Zahir Nader Ansari (Pvt) Limited, incorporated in October 2020, is a healthcare company, which is engaged in importing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, including Prescription drugs , over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and medical equipment. 

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Why ZNA Ltd ?

Be a leader in providing quality healthcare solutions by encouraging initiatives, welcoming new ideas and respecting the hands that help relieve pain and suffering as well as seek to assure fair returns on investments through sustainability and growth.

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Our Products

We committed  to import high quality medicine from advanced pharmaceutical company

Group : PPI, Anti Emetics

Group : PPI, Anti Emetics
All medicine for PPI, Anti Emetics
  • Tablet Pantoprazole 40mg
  • Capsule Omeparazol 20mg
  • Capsule Pantoparazole + Domperidone Capsule
  • Syrup Anti acid
  • Capsule Rabeprazole sodium and domperidone
  • Tablet Clarithromycin250mg+ esomeprazole 40mg + tinidazole 500mg
  • Tablet Clomiphene citrate

Group: Antibiotics

Group: Antibiotics
All medicines for Group Antibiotics
  • Tablet Cefixime 400
  • Vial Ceftraixone 1gr
  • Vial Cefotaxim 1 gr vial
  • Vial Ceftraixone + Sulbactum
  • Syrup Cefixime 100 mg
  • Capsule Amoxicillin 500 mg
  • Tablet Ciprofloxacin and tinidazole
  • Syrup Azithromycin 250mg
  • Tablet Ciprofloxacin and tinidazole

Group: Supplements

Group: Supplements
All medicines for Group Supplements
  • Tablet Calcium+d3
  • Tablet Supplements during pregnancy
  • Capsule Pregabalin and methyl cobalamin
  • Syrup Multivitamins for adults
  • Syrup Cyproheptadine with multivitamin
  • Tablet Quarter folic
  • Sachet Calcirol 60000 iu
  • Syrup Cyproheptadine with tricholine citrate
  • Tablet Doxylamine succinate & pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • drops Vitamin d3 4000 iu
  • Syrup Ginko

Group : Anti Histamines

Group : Anti Histamines
All medicine for Anti Histamines
  • Tablet Montelukast sodium and levocetirizine hydrochloride
  • Syrup Montelukast sodium and levocetirizine hydrochloride

Group : Corticosteroids

Group : Corticosteroids
All medicines for Corticosteroids
  • Ampule hydrocortisone
  • Ampule dexamethasone 8mg/2ml

Group : Expectorants

Group : Expectorants
All medicines for Expectorants
  • Dextromethorphan HBr
  • Carbinoxamine maleate
  • Pseudoephedrine HCl
  • Guaifenesin

Group : NSAIDs

Group : NSAIDs
All medicine for Group NSAIDs
  • Ampule Ketrolac
  • Tablet Aceclofenac+paracetamol Tab
  • Tablet Serratiopeptidase
  • Tablet Etoricoxib

Group : Amino glycosides

Group : Amino glycosides
All medicines for Amino glycosides
  • Vial amikacin

Group: SSRI

Group: SSRI
All medicines for Group SSRI
  • Tablet Escitalopram 10mg
  • Tablet paroxetine

Group : Anti Spasmodics

Group : Anti Spasmodics
All medicine for Group Anti Spasmodics
  • Tablet drotaverine 40mg

Group : Hormones

Group : Hormones
All medicines for Hormones
  • Tablet Norethisterone

Our Highlights

High quality imported medicine is apart of znansari ltd commitments .

  • High quality products importation
  • Highly focus on enhancement of pharma sector in Afghanistan
  • Accessibility of medicines through strong distribution channel
  • Reasonable prices along with best branded medicines
Our team

Meet our qualified team

High skilled , professional , expertise team held by leadership always inspired us towards more success .

Shah Mohammad Shirzad

Team members

Shah Mohammad Shirzad as operation Manager

Ahmad Qais Noory

Team members

Ahmad Qais Noory as Marketing Manager

Muhammad Fahim Hedayat

Team members

Muhammad Fahim Hedayat as Marketing Manager

Karim Khan Atif

Team members

Karim Khan Atif as Marketing Manager

Abdul Wase Temori

Team members

Abdul Wase Temori as Marketing Manager

Mohammad Javid Mohmand

Team members

Mohammad Javid Mohmand as senior Marketing Manager

Naqibullah Samim

Team members

Naqibullah Samim as Senior Marketing Manager

Fahim Ahmad Babrakzai

Team members

Fahim Ahmad Babrakzai as Marketing Director

Ramin Shirzad

Team members

Ramin Shirzad as Admin manager

Sayed Noordin Sadat

Team members

Sayed Noordin Sadat as logistic manager

Milad Ansary

Team members

Milad Ansary as Finance manager

Mohammad Qasim

Team members

Mohammad Qasim as Managing Director


What our customers say

Great customer services always inherence with znansari ltd

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